Aluminum Billet

Aluminum Billet is created by a best in class Hot Top casting technology of various specifications. Billet is free from all surface defects like drags, scratch marks, cold shuts etc. In-line degassing and ceramic foam filtration makes billet free from internal defects like inclusion, cracks, blow holes, porosity etc. results in an excellent metallurgical quality. Grain refiner is added to get fine grains and get fine grains and crack free Billets.
Homogenizing of billets under close temperature control, enhances extrudability and mechanical properties of extruded product. Each Billet is identified on one of its faces with Alloy assignment and cast number. It has a standard packing of wooden pallet & M.S strips.

Grain Size, micron 250 (Max)
Hydrogen Content 250 PPM (max) (As per customer specs)
Inclusion Level 0.25 mm2 / Kg (Max)
Straightness Not more than 1mm per mtr and
not more than 4mm in 6.2 mtr.
Bow 1mm (Max)/mtr.
Condition Homogenized
Alloy- AA 6060, 6061, 6063, 6351
Length, mm 400 – 6000
Length Tolerance /- 10mm
Diameter, mm 127, 152, 178, 203, 229, 254
Diameter Tolerance /- 0.50%

Windows and door frames

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