Copper Metal

Copper is a medium strength, non-magnetic metal. It has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity properties and has a comparatively low cost. In its purest form it is soft and malleable but the introduction of alloying elements provides many industrial and commercial uses.

Appearance Reddish metal
Odour None
Odour Threshold Not Applicable
pH Not Applicable
Vapour Pressure 1 mm Hg at 1083°C Negligible @ 20°C
Vapour Density Not Applicable
Melting Point/Range 1083°C
Boiling Point/Range 2595°C
Relative Density (Water = 1) 8.94
Evaporation Rate Not Applicable
Coefficient of Water/Oil Not Applicable
Solubility Insoluble in water
Flash Point None
Flammable Limits (LEL/UEL) None Flammable
Auto-ignition Temperature None
Decomposition Temperature None

Power transmission lines
Architectural applications
Cooking utensils
Spark plugs
Electrical wiring, cables and busbars
High conductivity wires
Heat exchangers
Refrigeration tubing
Water-cooled copper crucibles

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