Enriched Organic Manure

It is a quality organic manure to help soil quality and ensure guard yields. It is an immaculate mix of N-P-K nutrients and proportionate presence of micro nutrients like zinc and copper, leading to healthy crops. It is perfect for use in a wide range of soil and crops. It has a standard packaging of 50 kg HDPE Bag.

Moisture(by weight) 2. 5% Max
Total Nitrogen(by weight) 18% Min
Ammoniacal nitrogen form(by weight) 15. 5% Min
Total Nitrogen in the form of Urea(by weight) 2. 5% Max
Neutral ammonium citrate soluble phosphates(by weight) 46% Min
Sodium as NaCl(by weight)dry basis 0.30% Max
Water soluble Phosphates(by weight) 41% Min

For all crops a minimum of 200 kg /acre of with the other organic manure.
Cereals pulses and oil seed crops 100 to 200 kg /acre
Sugarcane 200 400 kg /acre
Vegetable and other annual horticultural crops 200 to 400kg/acre.
Coconut fruit crops and plantation crops 300 to 500 kg/ acre.

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