Food Grade Hexane

Food Grade Hexane is a light distillate produced at various refineries from natural gas condensate by atmospheric distillation. Hexane has a higher percentage of strong solvability, solvent extractions and iso paraffin. FG Hexane is produced in the refineries from special cut Naphtha where the Hexane rich stream is extracted and purified to meet the required specification.

Density at 20°C, g/ml 0.660 to 0.687
Refractive Index 1.375 to 1.384
IBP, °C Min 63
Distilled between 64 and 70°C, % volume, Min 95
Non volatile residue, g/100 ml,Max 0.0005
Reaction of non volatile residue Neutral to methyl orange
Sulphur content, mg/kg, Max 5
Lead as Pb, mg/kg,max 1
Benzene content, % v/v,Max 0.05
Poly cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons UV absorption Test To pass the test
Wave Length (mm) Spec.Value
280-290 0.15 max
290-300 0.13 max
300-359 0.08 max
360-400 0.02 max

Food and beverage industry
Sugar refining
Waste water treatment chemicals
Pre-metal treatment chemicals
Soaps and detergents
Tea-leaf processing

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