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Fully Refined Soybean Oil

Fully Refined Soybean Oil is fully refined, bleached, and deodorized soybean oil with all the impurities removed to insure the highest quality, versatility and flexibility. Soybean oils, both liquid and partially hydrogenated are sold as “vegetable oil,” or are ingredients in a wide variety of processed foods. It can be packaged in Tank Trucks, 2,125 Lb Totes, 425 Lb Drums, and 35 Lb Containers. It can be stored and shipped between 70˚F and 85˚F, no greater than 115˚F.

Physical State Liquid
Appearance Clear and Brilliant
Taste Bland, Neutral
Odor Clean, Free from non-typical odors
Free Fatty Acid % 0.05% max
Peroxide Value meq/ kg 1.0 meq/ kg max
Color (Lovibond) 1.5 Red max
Iodine Value (Wijs) 124 – 140
Moisture % 0.1% max
Cold Test 5.5 hrs. min
OSI @ 110˚C 5.0 hrs. min
Smoke Point 425˚F min

Snack Foods
Sauces, Seasonings, Condiments & Soups
salad dressings, Vinaigrette
Fats, Oils & Sweet Spreads
Cooking & Frying
Bakery Products – mayonnaise, margarines

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