Germanium Tetrachloride (GeCl₄)

Germanium oxide is formed rapidly when Germanium is raised to red heat. It is produced worldwide.
GeO2 is usually slightly soluble in water and is sometimes only soluble in a strong acid.
Chemical Formula:
i) Germanium monoxide= GeO
ii) Germanium dioxide= GeO2
iii) Germanium Tetrachloride= GeCl₄

Appearance Colourless, fuming liquid
Odour Peculiar, acidic odour
Odour Threshold 0.77 ppm for HCl
pH Not Applicable (non-aqueousliquid)
Vapour Pressure 76 mm Hg @ 20°C
Vapour Density No Data
Freezing Point/Range – 50°C (–58°F)
Boiling Point/Range 82-84°C (182-183°F)
Relative Density (Water =1) 1.879 @ 20°C
Evaporation Rate No Data
Coefficient of Water/Oil Distribution No Data
Solubility Hydrolyzes to produce HCl
Flash Point None
Flammable Limits (LEL/UEL) Not Flammable
Auto-ignition Temperature None
Decomposition Temperature None

Used in the production of phosphors, transistors and diodes, infrared-transmitting glass.
Used as a catalyst in the manufacture of PET resin.
Fibre optics

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