Special High Grade Zinc 99.995%

Zinc, a bluish-white moderately hard metal is very common and is used especially to make brass and as a protective coating for things made of iron and steel. It is brittle at room temperature and at temperatures above 150°C, being workable only in the range between 100°C and 150°C. It is a dynamic metal and will dislodge hydrogen even from dilute acids. The principal use of zinc is for the galvanizing of iron sheets or wires.

Element Composition(%)
Zn min 99.995
Pb max 0.0030
Cd max 0.0030
Fe max 0.0020
Sn max 0.0010
Cu max 0.0010
Al max 0.0010
Total of all these elements max 0.0050

Used for die-casting alloy battery industry
Used in Painting/ Printing/Dyeing/pharmaceutical/rubber industry etc.
Chemical industries
Manufacture of brass, manganese bronze, galvanized iron, dry battery

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