Zinc Phosphate

Zinc Phosphate is intended to produce highly corrosion resistant, non-metallic, zinc phosphate coatings on iron and steel surfaces. Zinc phosphate is formed from zinc phosphate cement and used in dentistry. It is the oldest and globally used for luting metal restorations.

pH (10% solution by wt) 8.2
Oil Absorption (lbs/100 lbs) 42.0
Density (g/ml) 3.2
Mean Particle Size (microns) 5.0
Hegman Grind 5.5
% Moisture 2.2
% Solubility in water 0.02

Oil & Gas Industry
Defense: CARC primer. Non reflective finish for equipment
Automotive: Base for organic coatings
Aerospace: Break-in of moving parts and threads
Gears & Bearings: Holds lubricants on surface
Mining Equipment: Primer for fluoropolymer coatings

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