Aluminum Wire Rod

Aluminium wire rod is the raw material for high voltage cable and wire producers. Electrical conductor is made by stranding several wires into a single piece. Electrical conductor rod can also be drawn and stranded directly from molten aluminum.

Conductivity 61.55% IACS Min
Tensile st. 95-110Mpa,110-120Mpa,120-130Mpa
Elongation 8-15
Electric Resistivity At 20 Degrees C µOcm Max 2.081
Spectral Results:
Al 99.71%
Fe 0.23
Si 0.045
Cu 0.002
Zn 0.006
Mn 0.001
Mg 0.001
Cr 0.001
B 0.005

Electrical transmission lines
Middle and high voltage cables
Wire and cables for electrical applications
Commercial buildings
Machinery and equipment

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