Aviation Turbine Fuel

Aviation turbine fuel (ATF) or Jet fuel is a specific kind of petroleum-based fuel used to power jet and turbo-prop engined aircraft. It is for the most part of a higher quality than fuels utilized as a part of less basic applications such as heating or road transport. There are different types of Jet fuel, however, Jet A-1 is the most commonly used jet fuel.
Jet fuel is available in the following types:
• Jet A-1
• JP-1
• JP-4
• JP-5
• JP-6
• JP-7
• JP-8

Appearance Clear, Bright & Visually free from solid matter
Flash point 38°C
Autoignition temperature 210°C
Freezing point -47°C
Open air burning temperature 287.5°C
Maximum burning temperature 980°C
Density at 15°C 0.8075 kg/L
Density (15 degrees C, gm/cm3) 0.775 to 0.840
Flash point (degrees C) Min. 38
Smoke point (mm) Min. 23
Sulphur (% wt) Max. 0.3

Smaller Planes
Turbine Engined Aircraft
Piston-Engine Aircraft

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