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Beet root color, organic

Red beet color is extracted from roots of the common red beet, Beta Vulgaris. The reddish pigment found in the root of red beets is known as betalain which is responsible for the deep red-to-purple appearance it imparts. The powdered red color is 100% water soluble. It has a packaging standard of 20kg in wide mouth blue virgin drums. It can be protected from exposure to air, light and heat.

Density 0.65 to 0.75
Colour Strength OD at 537mm = 0.34 – 0.37
Dilution 1:1,000 in 0.1 M Citric acid
Copper 5 ppm Maximum
Arsenic 1 ppm
Lead 1 ppm
Heavy Metal 1 ppm
E-Coli & Sanmonella Nil
Total plate Count <10000

Soups, Sauces, Instant, Deserts
Dairy Products – Ice-Creams
Meat Products

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