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Beet Sugar

Beet Sugar is sucrose that is naturally obtained from the sugar beet plant. The pure, clear sugar crystals appear white due to the refraction of light. It is a plant whose root contains a high concentration of sucrose and it is grown commercially for sugar production. The sucrose content of these crystals is nearly 100%, making this beet sugar a high-purity food. “Viennese Sugar” is certified Non-GMO IP, Vegan approved and Kosher.

Content Specification
ICUMSA 45 – 100 RBU
Polarization 99.80% Min
Ash content 0.04% Max
Moisture 0.04% Max
Solubility 100% Dry & Free Flowing
Radiation Normal w/o presence of caesium or iodine
Colour Sparkling White Crystal
Granulation Fine to Medium
Reducing Sugar 0.05% Max by weight

Beverages – Tea, Coffee, Chocolate Beverages, juices, Carbonated Drinks
Meals, Convenience Foods, Ready Meals
Fruits & Vegetables – Fruit, Canned, Frozen and Dried
Dairy Products – Cultured, Fermented Milks, Yogurts, Cream Products
Bakery Products – Pie Crust, Pies, Custard, Puddings, Cakes,bread products

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