Calcium Nitrate – (N: 15.5%; Ca: 18.8 % )

Calcium Nitrate – (N: 15.5%; Ca: 18.8 % ) is a 100% water soluble fertilizer in granule form. It contain all major plant nutrients which are as follow: calcium 18.8% and nitrate 15.5%. It is suitable for both foliar spraying and drip irrigation.

Sulphate Of Potash – SOP (00:00:50) is eco-friendly and free flowing which helps in root development. Almost all crops can use it without any adverse reactions. It can also add to the production capacity.

Composition Content
Total Nitrogen(by weight) 15.50% Min
Ammoniacal Nitrogen(by weight) 1.10% Max
Nitrate Nitrogen as N(by weight) 14.40% Min
Water soluble Calcium(by weight) 18.80% Min

Good where soil acidification is not required.
Most useful when both Calcium and nitrogen is required.
In less rainfall, it is a perfection solution to balance the plant growth.
For growing edibles and vegetables in smaller spaces.
Tomatoes and apples need this fertilizer for good quality growth.
It can be used include water wast in other areas.

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