Agriculture Commodities

Cane sugar, organic

Sugar, also known as sucrose, is a disaccharide formed from the two components of fructose (fruit sugar) and glucose. All sugars are converted into glucose by the body. The brain and muscles derive the energy needed to properly function exclusively from glucose in the bloodstream. Sugar is a pure carbohydrate, and as such is an important source of energy in our lives!

There are several types of sugar that organic sugar can be referred to as and they all are extracted from raw sugar cane.

Sucrose 99.4-99.8° (Direct Polarisation)
Dextrose 150 M.A.U. max
Invert Sugar 0.03% max
Moisture 0.01-0.08% max
Ash 0.02-0.09% max
Heavy Metals 5ppm max
Sulphite 10ppm max
TVC 1000/gm Solids
Yeasts <20/gm Solids
Moulds <20/gm Solids

It is widely used in our every day food.

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