Cobalt Sulphate

Cobalt Sulfate is a reddish, toxic, highly effective, metallic salt with the formula CoSO4.7H2O.It is hygienically processed at our advanced processing unit with the aid of latest processing techniques.

Description Properties
Formula COSO4-7H2O
Appearance Wine Red Crystalline Powder
Cobalt 21%.
Cl 0.001 % Max.
Cu 0.002 % Max.
Insoluble Matter 0.01 % Max.
Fe 0.001 % Max.
Pb 0.005 % Max.
Ni 0.1 % Max.
No3 0.005 % Max.
Zn 0.02 % Max.
Assay 99%

Industry Uses
Agricultural chemicals (non-pesticidal)
Corrosion inhibitors and anti-scaling agents
Plating agents and surface treating agents
Processing aids, not otherwise listed
Processing aids, specific to petroleum production
Consumer Uses
Agricultural Products (non-pesticidal)
Electrical and Electronic Products
Fuels and Related Products
Metal Products not covered elsewhere
Water Treatment Products

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