Copper Concentrate Highland Valley

Copper concentrate is the result of a flotation process after the copper ore has been mined and milled. Copper concentrate is an intermediate product used as raw material in the production of copper metal. The quality of different copper concentrates can vary but copper sulphide concentrates are the most common and they typically contain around 30 per cent copper, 30 per cent iron and 30 per cent sulphur. Besides these elements they generally also contain some gold and silver.
Highland Valley Copper (HVC) Operations is located approximately 17 kilometres west of Logan Lake and about 50 kilometres southwest of Kamloops in British Columbia. Teck has a 97.5% interest in HVC.

Appearance Greenish, coppery, reddishv or brassy with blue tones.
Odour Odorless
Odour Threshold Not Applicable
pH Not Applicable
Vapour Pressure <1 mm Hg @ 25°C
Vapour Density Not Applicable
Melting Point/Range No Data
Boiling Point/Range >2200°C
Relative Density (Water = 1) 2.2
Evaporation Rate Not Applicable
Coefficient of Water/Oil Not Applicable
Solubility Insoluble in water
Flash Point None
Flammable Limits (LEL/UEL) None Flammable
Auto-ignition Temperature None
Decomposition Temperature None

Primary production of copper metal.

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