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Fructose-glucose syrup is an organic

AGENABON Fructose-glucose syrup is an organic, soluble in water, white powder made from yellow dent corn in high microbiological purity. It has a sweetness range of 130 to 180 compared to sucrose, as a result of a generally higher sweetness, less is required and that implies fewer calories on the nutritional panel.

Molecular weight 180.16
Solids, % 70.5 – 71.8
Moisture, % 28.5 – 29.5
pH 3.3 – 5.3
Ash, % 0.05 Max
SO2, ppm 3.0 Max
Color, RBU, 25 Max
Characteristics Appearance Water White
Flavor Clean, typical
Odor Practically odorless
Fructose, (%) 42 min
Fructose and Dextrose, (%) 94 min
Higher Sacc, (DP2+) 6 max

Bread and Cake
Desserts and Ice Cream
Confectionery – Marshmallows
Confectionery – Gummies, Jellies, Chews
Confectionery – Caramels, Toffee

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