Jute Batching Oil

Jute Batching Oil is a high-quality paraffinic lubricant used as a fiber batching process aid.It is used in jute manufacturing process.

Density at 15°C, Kg/L Min 0.825
Colour, ASTM Max 7.0
Flash Point PM(cc), °C Min. 100
Kinematic Viscosity at 37.8°C, cst Max. 15
Pour Point, °C Max. 30
Emulsifcation test Pass
Initial Boiling Point, °C Min. 265
Final Boiling Point, °C Max. 365
Residue, % vol Max. 2.0
UV Absorbance test
a) Pyrene Content, ppm Max. 25
Absorbance per cm in the range of wavelength, µm
i) 280-299 Max. 2.3
ii) 300-319 Max. 1.2
iii) 320-359 Max. 0.8
iv) 360-400 Max. 0.3

Used in jute manufacturing process such as sack, rope and other natural fiber
The oil needed to be combined with emulsifier prior to use

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