Magnesium Hydroxide Hidromag DT

Hidromag DT is a synthetic magnesium hydroxide acquired by precipitation from natural brines and high quality dolomite, through a mechanically propelled process. It is an exceptionally immaculate and white powder. It is promoter of cleanser properties, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-corrosive. It is acquired from normal saline solutions and superb dolomite.

Chemical Analysis
Composition Analysis
CaO 0.60 % Max.
SiO2 0.10 % Max.
Al2O3 0.08 % Max.
Fe 400 ppm Max.
H2O 0.50 % Max.
Mg(OH)2O 97.00% Min.
% L.O.I. 30.00% Min.
Physical Properties
Screen Analysis
Tyler Standard Screen 0.00% Retained
Surface Area (BET). gr.
Mean Particle Size 4 – 5 Microns.
Specific density 2.4

Magnesium salts

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