Magnesium Oxide (Dead Burned)

Dead burned Magnesium Oxide is also known as magnesite or periclase, obtained from a characteristic saline solution, through an innovatively propelled process.The low iron substance and the very much controlled physical properties and microstructure give our product a main position in applications, for example, heating elements and leather tanning.

Composition Analysis
% CaO 0.87 Max.
% SiO2 0.20 Max.
% Fe2O3 0.12 Max.
% Al2O3 0.15 Max.
% B203 0.01 Max.
% MgO 98.65 Min.
Physical Properties
Bulk Specific Gravity BY ASTM-357 – 85
RY-99-SHD 3.43 gr./cc Min.
RY-99-AD 3.40 gr./cc Min.
Sieve Analysis
+ 6.3 mm(1/4″) 80%
+ 3.35 mm 8%
+ 1.7 mm 7%
-1.7 mm 5%

Manufacture of magnesia carbon refractory bricks
Electric Furnaces
Monolithic Gunning Refractories
Ceramic Industry -As raw material for special glasses and ceramics

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