Magnesium Oxide (Electrofused)

Electro-fused Magnesia is Perfect in crystallization, dense in texture better in high temperature property and stronger in corrosion resistance, prepared in electric arc furnaces by fusing calcined magnesite. Fused magnesia is a high performance basic refractory becoming more widely used for its durability under extreme conditions.the electro-fused magnesite is mainly used for making crucibles and lining of furnaces which produce special alloy steels, moreover, the electro-fused magnesite is also a best electrically insulated material.

Chemical Analysis
Composition Typical Analysis Range
% CaO 0.8 < 1.00
% SiO2 0.2 < 0.25
% Fe2O3 0.1 < 0.14
% Al2O3 0.1 < 0.20
% B203 0.005 < 0.01
% MgO 98.795 < 98.40
Physical Properties
Color White/Gray
MgO Crystal Size Microns
Bulk Specific Gravity 3.50 g/cc Typical
3.48-3.52 Range
(by ASTM 357-85)
Melting Point > 2800øC

Refractory Industry : As a raw material for the manufacture of magnesia carbon bricks.
Ceramic Industry : As raw materials for ceramic crucibles, substrate etc
Electrical Industry : As insulation in electrical components in industrial and domestic devices and appliances.

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