Magnesium Sulfate Agricultural Grad

Magnesium Sulfate Agriculture Grade is essential supplement components during the time spent developing plant. Epsom Salt is a natural magnesium sulfate heptahydrate acquired by crystallization from natural brines followed by a refinement, through a mechanically propelled process.

Chemical Analysis
Composition Analysis
MgSO4% (como MgSO4-7H2O)% 98.00 Min.
MgSO4% 47.85
Min.MgO% 16.02 Min.
Mg% 9.66 Min.
S% 12.74 Min.
Chlorides (as Cl), % 1.5 Max.
H2O insolubles %0. 1 Max.
Physical Properties
Color Colourless
Crystal Form Rhombic
Lt. aprox./Density Bulk lbs./ft3 Aprox. 62

Fertilizer – Adding Epsom salts to gardens is a protected, natural way to increase plant growth.

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