Magnesium Sulfate Industrial Grade

Magnesium Sulfate indudtrial grade is essential supplement components during dyeing waste water, drying organic solvent and synthsizing organic sulfide and magnesium stearate. Epsom Salt is a natural magnesium sulfate heptahydrate acquired by crystallization from natural brines followed by a refinement, through a mechanically propelled process.

Chemical Analysis
Composition Analysis
MgSO4-7H2O% 99.25 Min.
MgSO4% 48.46
Mg% 9.79 Min.
Cl% 0.60 Max.
Na+K% 0.40 Max.
H2O insolubles % 0.1 Max.
Physical Properties
Color Colourless
Crystal Form Rhombic
Lt. aprox./Density Bulk lbs./ft3 Aprox. 1

Dyeing – used for disposing printing and dyeing waste water
Detergents – Industrial use
Refractory bricks – used for increasing antifreeze capacity of concrete.
Chemical processing – used for synthesizing organic sulfide and magnesium stearate
Tanning – making skin smooth

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