Agriculture Commodities

Maltodextrin, non-GMO

Maltodextrin, DE 10 is an organic, soluble in water, highly digestible and neutral in taste. It has packaging standard of 25kg bag with PE lining(1 Euro-pallet = 30 bags = 750 kg). It can be stored for more than 36 months after production if stored in a dry with room temperature.

Appearance White or light yellow shadow powder
Odour With special odor of maltodextrin
Moisture 6%MAX
DE value 8-10
PH 4.0-6.0
Solubility 98%MIN
H2SO4 ash 0.6% MAX
Pb 1.0mg/kg MAX
As 0.5mg/kg MAX
Coliforms 30/100g MAX
Total bacteria 1500/g MAX
Pathogenic bacteria Nil

Creams and lotions
Hair care products
Fruit pulp
Baby foods
Spice preparations
Sweet products
Bean products

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