Micro Crystalline Wax

Microcrystalline Wax, also known as Victory Brown, is a refined mixture of solid, saturated hydrocarbons, mainly branched paraffin, obtained from petroleum. This particular wax is medium-soft and semi-sticky. Nut-brown in color, it is most commonly used for direct modeling and the lost wax method of casting.

Adhesives Glue, Chewing Gum
Explosives & Pyrotechnics Candles, Fire Logs & Safety Matches
Fertilizer Coating Poultry, Cheese Coating
Construction Gypsum, MDF, Particle Boards
Polishes Car care, Shoe, Floor, Wood, etc
Flexible Packaging
Cosmetics Formulation Crayons & Pencils
Oil content 5-10% 1%
Melting Point 65±2 ˚C 86-88 ˚C
Color Yellow Cream
Flash Point >250 ˚C >300 ˚C
Specific Gravity 0.8-0.82 gr/cm3 0.8-0.82 gr/cm3
Congealing Point Approx 55 ˚C 70 ˚C
Kinematic Viscosity @100 ˚C Approx 16 cst @100 ˚C Approx 16 cs

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