Mixed Oilcake Manure

Greenstar’s SPIC SURABI is a fortified organic manure based on oil meals. Its primary fixings are oilseed cakes from Neem Mahua Turmeric powder and Pungamia extracts. These are invigorated together with Nitrogen Phosphorus and Potash. It also contain the advantages of micronutrients that run well with manures. It has a standard packaging of 40 kg HDPE Bag.

Moisture(by weight) 2. 5% Max
Total Nitrogen(by weight) 18% Min
Ammoniacal nitrogen form(by weight) 15. 5% Min
Total Nitrogen in the form of Urea(by weight) 2. 5% Max
Neutral ammonium citrate soluble phosphates(by weight) 46% Min
Sodium as NaCl(by weight)dry basis 0.30% Max
Water soluble Phosphates(by weight) 41% Min

For all crops a minimum of 200 kg /acre of with the other organic manure.
Cereals pulses and oil seed crops 100 to 200 kg /acre
Sugarcane 200 300 kg /acre
Vegetable and other annual horticultural crops 200 300kg/acre.
Coconut fruit crops and plantation crops 300 400 kg/ acre.

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