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Organic Canola Oil

Organic Canola Oil has been expeller pressed, refined, bleached and deodorized from Certified Organic Canola seeds, and purified using organic certified processes. The Canola seeds are not genetically modified in any way.It can be stored and shipped between 55˚F – 72˚F, but no greater than 115˚F.

Physical State Liquid
Appearance Light yellow, clear and brilliant
Flavor Bland
Odor Bland
Free Fatty Acid % <0.07% max
Peroxide Value meq/ kg <0.50 meq/ kg max
Iodine Value 124 – 139
Color (Lovibond) 10.0 Yellow /1.5 Red max
Refractive Index @ 25˚C 1.466 – 1.4700
Moisture % <0.10

Salad dressings
Salad oils
Canned foods
Bakery products
Cooking oil

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