Agriculture Commodities

Organic Heat Treated Corn Starch

MAISITA 9060 is an organic heat-treated corn starch which is produced using yellow dent corn. It is created by pounding, washing and drying of natural corn took after by heattreatment to achieve a low plate count.

Appearance white to yellowish, floury powder
Odour, taste pure, specific
Moisture max. 6,0 %
Ash: approx. 0,5 % in s. (in substance)
Total plate count max. 100/g
Yeasts max. 20/g
Moulds max. 20/g
Enterobacteriaceae negative/g
E. coli negative/g
Salmonella negative/25g

Cosmetic and body care
Absorb sebum
Skin care products
Improve the stability of pressed powders

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