Agriculture Commodities

Rapeseed lecithin, fluid, non-GMO

Lecithins are prepared by extracting and purifying phospholipids from naturally occurring products such as soybeans, eggs, sunflower and canola seeds.
Rapeseed lecithin is a multifunctional lecithin which is developed for use in high quality food products. Due to its special characteristics it is suitable as an emulsifier, wetting agent, stabilizer, instantizing agent, release agent, lubricant, antioxidant, dispersant.

Appearance fluid
Acetone Insoluble min.60 %
Acid Value max.35mg KOH /g
Hexane/Toluene Insoluble max.0.3 %
Moisture max.1 %
Peroxide Value max.5 meq /kg
Viscosity at 25°C max.12.5 Pa.s
Color Gardner max. 12
Microbiological Analysis
Total Plate Count max.1000 /g
Yeast & Mouldseach max.50 /g
Coliforms absent /g
Salmonella absent /25 g

Baked Goods, Instant Foods, Canned Foods, Reduced-Fat Baked Goods
Dairy Products
Human Nutrition
Release Agents
Snack Foods
Animal Nutrition
Soups, gravies and sauces

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