Single Superphosphate (16% P2O5 Powdered)

Single Super Phosphate also known as superphosphate,calcium superphosphate and ordinary superphosphate.It contains 16% of Citrate soluble available P2O5, 14.5% Water soluble available P2O5, 11% of Sulphur, and essential micro nutrients in small proportions. It is favoured fertiliser for dry land areas which controls acidity in soil and increases productivity.

Moisture % by weight,max 12.0
Free Phosphoric Acid 4.0
(as P2O5 ) % by weight max
Water soluble phosphates
(as P2O5 ) % by weight min
Sulphur(as S), % by weight,min

It is broadly utilized as a part of the vast majority of the crops.
Utilized at the time of sowing as basal application.

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