Agriculture Commodities

Stabilized waxy corn starch, organic

Agenajel 21.055 is an organic, stabilized industrial native corn starch with high thickening strength. It is designed to resist retrogradation in high-acid applications.

Loss on drying(%) NMT 13.0
Residue on ignition(%) NMT O.5
pH 4.5-7.0
Heavy metals(ppm) NMT 20
Arsenic(ppm) NMT 2
Sulfur dioxide(%) NMT O.003
0xldizing substance Not Detected
lron(%) NMT O.002
Total aerobic microbial count(cfu/g) NMT 1000
Total combined yeasts and molds count(cfu/gl) NMT 100
Salmonella Species None Present
Escherichia coli None Present

Convenience Foods, Ready Meals, Instant Noodle, Pasta, Rice and Mashed Potato
Bakery Products
Fruits & Vegetables – Jams, Jellies, Marmalade
Baby Food / Infant Food

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