Sulphur is a by-product delivered in different refineries handling high Sulfur unrefined. Sulfur is created from the Sulfur rich fuel gas to decrease the discharge level of Sulfur in the atmosphere alongside vent gasses from the heaters. While Mathura refinery began creation of Sulfur from starting itself, Sulfur recuperation units have been given in Haldia,Koyali, Panipat, Mathura and Guwahati refineries.

Solubility in Carbon Disulphide (CS2), % by wt, Min 99.9 (on dry basis)
Acidity (as H2SO4), % by wt., Max 0.03
H2S content, ppm wt, Max 300
Colour in Solid State at ambient Bright Whitish
temperature, Visual Yellow
Ash, % by wt., Max 0.25
Metal Content* Report
Selenium, ppm wt. <0.01
Tellurium, ppm wt. <0.04
Arsenic, ppm wt. <0.08
Moisture Content, % by wt. Report

Creation of steel and rubber
Production of inorganic chemical
Matches, fumigants and glass
Explosives, cement, animal feed and adhesives
Fertilizers – lat blocks, soil amendments, petroleum and sugar refining

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