Sulphuric Acid

Sulfuric acid is a clear, colorless to brownish, highly corrosive and oily liquid. It is soluble in water with release of heat, making it a good drying agent, and is the most widely used acid in industry.

Description Proporties
Molecular formula H2SO4
Appearance Clear, colourless, oily liquid
Odour Odourless when cold
Odour Threshold >1 mg/m³
pH Concentration dependant
<0.1 (93% Sol’n),
0.3 (5% or 1N Sol’n)
Vapour Pressure <0.04 kPa (<0.3 mm Hg) @25ºC
Vapour Density 3.4 (air = 1)
Melting Point/Range 280°C
Boiling Point/Range -35°C
Relative Density (Water = 1) 1.84 (93% H2SO4)
Evaporation Rate NA
Solubility Completely soluble with
generation of significant heat.
Flash Point Not Flammable
Flammable Limits (LEL/UEL) NA
Auto-ignition Temperature None
Decomposition Temperature NA

Automobile batteries
Paper bleaching
Sugar bleaching
Water treatment
Sulfonation agents
Cellulose fibers
Steel manufacturing
Coloring agents
Amino acid intermediates

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