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Sunflower oil, high oleic, organic

Sunflower Oil, High-Oleic is a clear, bright, refined, bleached and deodorized vegetable oil. Refined Organic Sunflower Oil-High Oleic is the oil extracted from organic Sunflower (Helianthus Annuus) seeds.

Free Oily Acidity
(Expressed OS Oleic Acid) 0.30%
Refractive Index at 40°C 1.466 – 1.470
Peroxide Value (Meg. Gr/Kg) <1.0
Saponification Value 189 – 195
Iodine Value 120-143
Density at 20°C 0.909 – 0.925
Unsaponifiable Matters <1.5%
Appearance Clear Soap Test <0.005%
Insoluble Impurity in Ether <0.05
Volatile Matter at 105°C Negative
Mineral Oil Test Negative
Sesame Seed Oil Test Negative
Cold Test After 24 Hours Negative
FF (Iron) <1,5
Cu (Copper) <0,1
PB (Lead) <0,1

Personal Care
Soaping Industry

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