Agriculture Commodities

Sweet whey powder, organic

Sweet whey powder is the simplest form of the dried protein powder supplements and can be helpful in weight loss programs because it can be used in baking and in meal replacement shakes as well as providing valuable protein and vital minerals such as calcium. It has packaging standard of 25 kg multiply paper bags, inside polypropline liner with heat seal packing. It can be stored at temperature up to 24°C and at relative humidity up to 70% without direct sunlight and foreign odors. It has 12 month from production date.

Colour Yellowish
Odour Typical milky
Lactose 68-75 %
Protein 11 % /min
Fat 1.5 % max
Ash 11.5 % max
Moisture 5 % max
pH(10% solution) 6.0 min
Coliform <10/g
Salmonella neg/25 g
Yeast 10/g max
Mould 50/g max

Bakery products
Beef preparation
Salad dressings
Snack foods and beverages

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