Triple 19 (19:19:19 )

Triple 19 (19:19:19) is a 100% water soluble fertilizer in crystalline powder form. It contain all major plant nutrients which are as follow: Nitrogen 19%, Phosphorous 49% & Potassium 19%. It is suitable for both foliar spraying and drip irrigation.

Triple 19 (19:19:19) is eco-friendly and free flowing which helps in root development. Almost all crops can use it without any adverse reactions. It can also add to the production capacity.

Composition Content
Moisture(by weight) 0.5%
Total Nitrogen(by weight) 13.00% Min
Nitrate Nitrogen(by weight) 4.4% Max
Ammoniacal Nitrogen(by weight) 8.6% Min
Water soluble Phosphates 40.00% Min
(as P2O5)by weight
Water soluble Potash
(as K2O)by weight
13.00% Min

It is effectively applied in the proportion of 4-5 grams for per liter.
In case offertigation, the proportion is 1-3 kg.
The crystals get absorbed in the liquid.
With a decent phosphorous substance, it ensures that the roots and shoots develop in a good way.
Most farmers use it in irrigation water.
With legitimate utilize, the plants don’t get any diseases.
It can also induce the early development of the plants.

It can be used on the following crops:
Commercial Crops such as Sugarcane, Tea & Coffee, etc.
Cereals & Fibres ( Maize, Cotton, Rice, Wheat,etc).
Flower ( Gerbera, Carnation, Roses, Marigold, etc.) & other flowers.
Tomato, Onion, Potato, Legumes, Groundnut, Sugar Beets & other Vegetables crops.
Fruits ( Strawberry, Mango, Grapes, Banana, Pomegranates, Apple, Citrus, etc) & other fruits.

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