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Yeast Autolysate flakes with rice flour, organic

Organic yeast flakes in various flavours are excellent for seasoning and enhancing for example salads, soups, sauces, vegetables and rice. The organic yeast flakes are rich in natural vitamins and minerals, and thereby support a healthy diet. It is available in 100g, 10kg und 30kg packaging and it can be stored in its original unopened package below 75°F in a dry place until 12 months.

Appearance Free Flowing Powder
Color White
Odor Characteristic, Bland
Protein % 6.0-9.0
Fat % 0.5-1.0
Moisture % 8.0-13.0
Ash % 0.3-1.0
Total Dietary Fiber % 0.9
Gelatinization Temperature 74℃
Microbiological Analysis
Standard Plate Count <20,000 per gram
Coliform <200 per gram
E. Coli <10 per gram
Yeast & Mold <200 per gram
Lysine 7.2%
Threonine 3.9%
Tyrosine 1.9%
Leucine 5.7%
Tryptophan 0.7%
Isoleucine 4.4%
Phenylalanine 3.5%
Valine 5.2%

Vegetables and Rice

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