Agriculture Commodities

Yeast powder, organic

Yeast organic powder is a pure organic food product comparable with organic plant and animal products. Organic yeast powder is a valuable, natural ingredient which improves the nutritional value and flavour of organic products.It has packaging standard of 25 kg bag in covering box. It can be stored at room temperature at a dry place.

Colour white
Odour no flavour
Taste lightly acid
Consistency fine powder
Energy in kcal / kJ 248 / 1050
Protein (N x 6,25) in g <0,5
Carbohydrates in g 58
Sugars in g <0.5
Total fat in g <0.5
Saturated Fat in g <0.1
Dietary Fibre in g 8
Sodium in g 8
Methionine 1.1%
Lysine 7.2%
Threonine 3.9%
Tyrosine 1.9%
Leucine 5.7%
Tryptophan 0.7%
Isoleucine 4.4%
Phenylalanine 3.5%
Valine 5.2%

Pharmaceutical Industry – dietary supplements
Petfood Industry
For improvement of nutritional value (vitamins and minerals)
Rich source of protein
For natural flavour improvement

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