Zinc Borate

Zinc Borate are also known as ZB2335, is a low toxicity, white crystalline or amorphous powder insoluble in water, inorganic compound primarily used as a Borate Flame Retardant in vinyl chloride latex formulations and as an adhesive in bonding fiberglass insulation to aluminum foil.

Description Proporties
Chemical formula 2 Zno.3 B2O3.3.5H2O
Appearance White amorphous powder
Bulk density(g/cm3) 0.3-0.5 gm / cc
pH of filtrate of 20% aqueous 7.0 -8.0
Sieve residue (200 mesh 75 micron) 0.2% max
Ignition loss (950°C) 15.5% max
Zno Content 37.0% min
B2O3 Content 47.0% min

Flame retardant for wide range of plastics and cellulose fibers
Paper and textiles
Ceramic Industries

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