Zinc Oxide 99.9%

Zinc oxide is a white powder, odorless, tasteless , gritless , dry powder known as zinc white or as the mineral zincite with chemical formula ZnO. Crystalline zinc oxide is thermochromic, changing from white to yellow when heated and in air reverting to white on cooling. This color change is caused by a very small loss of oxygen at high temperatures to form the non-stoichiometric Zn1+xO, where at 800 °C, x = 0.00007.

Description Proporties
Alcohol 95 % Insoluble (Appx.)
Solubility in water Insoluble (Appx.)
Loss on Ignition 0.2 % (max.)
Arsenic Nil (Appx.)
Metallic Zinc Particle Nil (Appx.)
Lead 0.002% (max.)
Iron 0.0005 % (max.)
Copper Nil (Appx.)
Aluminum Nil. (Appx.)

Rubber and Tire Industry – rubber, synthetic rubber, reinforcing agents, coloring agents
Chemical Industry – catalyst and desulfurizer, Chemicals Salts
Coatings Industry – coatings of preservatives and brightening agent
Ceramic Industry – Ceramic Tiles Frit, floor tile, glass, Ceramic Potteries
Printing and Dyeing Industry
Electronic Industry
Cosmetic – Soaps etc

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