Zinc Oxide ScavenZink HS

Zinc oxide scavenger HP is a white powder, odorless, tasteless , gritless , dry powder known as zinc white or as the mineral zincite with chemical formula ZnO. It reacts with sulfides to form Zns.

Description Proporties
Insolubility in dilute HCL 0.04 % (max.)
Solubility in water 0.05 % (max.)
Residue on 240 mesh sieve Appx. Nil
Oil Absorption 14 – 16 %
Specific Gravity 5.6 +/- 0.2
Lead 0.01% (max.)
Iron 0.005 % (max.)
Copper 0.0006% (max.)
Manganese Nil. (Appx.)

Acid Acceptor
Gas Scevenger

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