Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate 35%

Zinc Phosphate is intended to produce highly corrosion resistant, non-metallic, zinc phosphate coatings on iron and steel surfaces. Zinc phosphate is formed from zinc phosphate cement and used in dentistry. It is the oldest and globally used for luting metal restorations.

Chemical Analysis
Putiry(ZNSO4.H2O) 98% min
Zinc (Zn) 35% Actual
Sulfur (S) 17.0% Min
Trace Elements
Arsenic (As) 5 ppm Max
Cadmium (Cd) 10 ppm Max
Lead (Pb) 10 ppm Max
Mercury (Hg) 0.8 ppm Max
Physical Properties
Colour White to off-white powder
Water Solubility 99.5% minimum
Screen Analysis 95% -50 mesh

Plant Fertilisers
Pharmaceutical Industry
Animal Feed

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