Bauxite is not a mineral, it is a mixture of the minerals gibbsite (Al2O3 – 3H2O) boehmite (alpha monohydrate, Al2O3 H2O) and Diaspora (beta monohydrate, Al2O3 H2O). It is a unique mineral in the sense that, by and large, this is the only mineral from which aluminum is extracted economically. Beside aluminum its other important uses are in the manufacture of refractories, abrasive and chemicals. Low-grade bauxite finds use in cement industry. Among minor uses mention may be made of its use as a fluxing material in steel melting shop and in forro-alloy industries in place of fluorspar and as absorbent in the refining of kerosene.

Color White, gray, sometimes stained yellow, orange, red, pink, or brown by iron or included iron minerals
Streak Usually white, but iron stain can discolor
Luster Dull, earthy
Diaphaneity Opaque
Cleavage None
Mohs Hardness 1 to 3
Specific Gravity 2 to 2.5
Chemical Composition Variable but always rich in aluminum oxides and aluminum hydroxides
Crystal System n/a

Blast Furnaces
Iron/Steel Ladles
Torpedo Cars
Electric Arc furnaces
Soaking Pits
Reheat/Soaking Pits
Open Hearth

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