Attapulgite is a soft, highly absorbent clay. It is sold as raw or as semi-calcined, so-called LVM grade. Attapulgite clay is a hydrated magnesium aluminium silicate of the palygorskite mineral group. Its chemical formula is: (Mg₂Al)₂ .

Colour: Grey
SG: 2.5
Bulk density: 0.8
Oil absorption: 8.4 – 9 %
Moisture content: 0 – 15 %

Foundry Coatings , Adhesives, sealants and putting,
Oil well drilling mud, Thickening and gelling liquids, binding, filling, sorptive
Used for pet litter, oil well drilling applications,
Thickening, gelling, stabilising and thixotropic agents
Attapulgite clay is used in liquid fertiliser, cat litter, absorbents and in civil engineering.

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