Green Petroleum Coke

Green petroleum coke is one of important energy substance with low sulfur and ash content. Green petroleum coke is from processing liquid fractions in delayed coking. Green coke quality is derived mainly from the quality of crude oil that a refinery consumes. The quality of the coke determines its use. High sulfur coke is consumed as a solid fuel for its BTU content, competing with coal, while low sulfur, low impurity coke is upgraded through calcining for consumption as a critical raw material in the aluminum and steel industries.

Moisture as received, % mass., max. 8-12
Total Sulphur, % mass., max. 4.5–7.5
Ash, % mass., max. 0.2–0.3
Volatile Matter, % mass, max. 8-11
Fixed Carbon, % mass, min. 87.73–91.01
Calorific Value, kcal/kg 7800–8000

Power Station
As a raw material for producing Calcined Coke

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