Agriculture Commodities

Crystalline fructose, non-GMO

A non-GMO, food grade crystalline fructose, derived from sugar. It is highly soluble, lower viscosity abd acts as a flavor enhancer. It is the sweetest natural choice for producers of high quality foods and beverages. It can be stored below 76 F.

Appearance White free-flowing crystals
Taste Clean sweet taste,sweeter than sucrose
Fructose (%) >99.5

Fruits & Vegetables – Jams, Jellies, Marmalade
Beverages – Sports & Energy Drinks, Functional Drinks
Functional Food and Nutrition – Dietetic Products
Functional Food and Nutrition – Nutritional Bars
Yogurt, Desserts and Ice Cream
Dairy Products – Cultured, Fermented Milks, Yogurts
Bakery Products
Infant Food

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